Celebrating Volunteers Week 2021

B-inspired News   •   June 1st, 2021

Volunteers Week is a annual celebration that takes place the first week of June.  This is where over 166,000 charities all over the United Kingdom (UK) celebrate all the hard work volunteers put in to help support charities of various sizes.

There are over 20 million people who take time out their busy schedules to give back to their communities by volunteering each year.  A volunteer is a person who gives up their time to help support the day to day running of a charity.  The roles and skills a person perform can be quite varied from making a cup of tea to running a large-scale event!

At b-inspired we have around 40 regular volunteers with various skills and in a normal year (pre-covid times) volunteers donated around 200 hours each week to support the work we do.  Since the pandemic our volunteering opportunities have decreased and we have adapted some to ensure we have continued to work safely.  Things are starting to look brighter with restrictions lifting and we are starting to welcome back volunteers into our buildings again.

“Volunteers are an integral part of what we do.  As a community-based charity, we provide a range of services for local people to get involved with and volunteers are key to helping us deliver these services.  We pride ourselves on providing quality volunteering opportunities where volunteers feel part of the team and are able to be supported throughout their volunteer journey.”

Angie Wright, B-inspired

B-inspired has a range of  projects that volunteers can currently get involved with:

We also offer a comprehensive training package for volunteers to enhance and develop their skills in a range of areas such as first aid, health and safety, food hygiene and a community volunteering qualification.  We have a dedicated volunteer support worker who meets regularly with volunteers and supports them on their journey to gain skills and possibly employment.  Whatever your reason for volunteering your time, we can support you and will provided you with inductions and mentoring along the way.

For more information about what support we can offer you and what opportunities are available, feel free to reach out to us by telephone: 0116 279 5020 or email: volunteering@b-inspired.org.uk.

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We also celebrated the week on BBC Radio Leicester talking about one of schemes, that is in need of volunteers to support the work we do.  Listen here for the full conversation…