International Women’s Day – 8th March 2022

Today (Tuesday 8th March) is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. B-inspired has a lot of experience with high-achieving women and we want to shine a light on them today.

The majority of staff who work for B-inspired are women. Additionally, the two highest ranking positions in our organisation, our CEO and Head of Operations, are both women. We also have a vast number of female volunteers, who have a variety of roles within the various projects that we run. Without the generous, hard-working and dedicated women within our organisation, B-inspired would not be able to carry out the positive work that it does in the Braunstone community.  

 To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to share with you the success stories of two local women; Liga and Leanne, who both provide a valuable contribution to the Preloved@45 Community Shop and Parkside Community Café.  



Liga – Volunteer, Preloved@45 Community Shop 

 Liga is a young mum whose main motivation for volunteering at Preloved@45 Community Shop was to improve her English language and Communication skills. Currently, Liga mainly works upstairs in the shop, making sure that the clothes are ready to sell. She helps with tasks such as sorting the clothes, ironing etc.   

 Liga used to volunteer at the Garage Sales that took place in Braunstone and were the inspiration behind the community shop. When Liga’s youngest child started nursery, she wanted to try something different and so offered to volunteer for Preloved@45. She already enjoyed working with others and wanted to make the most out of the opportunity that was presented to her.   

 As English is not Ligas first language, offering to volunteer at the shop was an opportunity to develop her understanding of English and to improve her communication skills. Liga feels that she has been able to apply these skills at home and she has even signed up to an English language course!   

 A woman who really inspires Liga is one of our other volunteers Liudmyla. Liga told us about how hard Liudmyla works, both inside and outside the shop, to organise the online sales. We wanted to celebrate everyone involved with Preloved@45, including all the volunteers, directors and staff, for all of their hard work. 

.    .   


Leanne – Former Volunteer and now Head Cook at Parkside Community Cafe 

Leanne was initially a volunteer at Parkside Community Café, but she now has a paid job as Head Cook! Leanne has grown up and still lives in Braunstone, so she’s a real local success story! 

When Leanne saw Parkside Community Café advertised in the Braunstone Alert, she thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to pursue her love of baking and cooking and to give back to the area she grew up in. Leanne has always been a talkative person, so she enjoys chatting to customers, meeting new people and hearing their stories.  

 By volunteering and eventually working at the café, Leanne has been able to develop her confidence and has been encouraged to give new things a go! Through working in the café, Leanne has been able to improve her maths skills and has gained the experience she needs for future jobs. She has even undertaken Health & Safety Training.  

 A woman who Leanne finds really inspiring is her mum; because she was a single parent and encouraged Leanne to be an independent woman, who can do anything she puts her mind to! We wanted to celebrate Leanne for everything she does for the café!