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b-inspired uses sport as a vehicle to address a number of issues that communities face, such as educational attainment, health, crime and unemployment. Our aim is:

‘To use sport and physical activity as a way of improving the quality of life for communities, now and in the future.’

We Currently

Lead on a number of local and citywide initiatives:

Active Leicester: Braunstone and Rowley Fields project – the Active Leicester: Braunstone and Rowley Fields, or ALBRF, project aims to increase the amount of activity that residents living in Braunstone and Rowley Fields aged over 14 are doing in a normal week. We are doing this by delivering a range of sport and activity sessions and events that are locally delivered, community-led and free to access. Activities range from Zumba and Cardio Combat, to men’s football and family multi-sport. The project is funded through Sport England and is run in partnership with the Leicester City Council.

  • B-inspired Sports Apprenticeship Scheme – the b-inspired Sports Apprenticeship Scheme offers young people aged 16-18 years old the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of sport and education. We have worked with a range of infant, primary and secondary schools to help increase their PE and out of school hours provision, whilst at the same time giving young people the chance to gain qualifications, earn a wage and develop their careers. Click here for more info…
  • Summer Youth Activities – over the past 3 years, b-inspired has worked closely with the Leicester City Council’s Youth Service to deliver a range of targeted sport and dance activities to young people across the city. Activities delivered have included Zorb Football, Street Dance, Dodgeball and many more!

Our Achievements

We have a strong history of delivering successful, community-led sport and physical activity initiatives; including:

  • Sport Action Zone – initially, the sport and physical activity element of b-inspired was called the ‘Sport Action Zone’ (SAZ). One of only 12 across the country, the Braunstone SAZ was tasked with consulting with residents of the area to identify their needs and aspirations relating to sport and physical activity. From this, a number of initiatives, facilities and services were formed, including the Braunstone Leisure Centre, the Braunstone Grove and grass football pitches, the outdoor gym equipment, trim trail and Skate Park on Braunstone Park, the SCORE 4 Sport and FAB projects and many more!!
  • Achievement Project – The Achievement Project helped to develop an accessible, sustainable and fit for purpose workforce that increased the number of people playing, volunteering and working within sport. It achieved this by creating an accessible coach education programme for residents of Leicester, offering reduced cost courses and workshops that enabled volunteers and coaches to gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience. Over 4 years, the project delivered nearly 100 courses and workshops, allowing over 700 people to gain qualifications. The project also initiated volunteers giving back over 3,000 hours of volunteering and supported nearly 30 people into employment within sport / health / physical activity.
  • Achieving Health Project – the Achieving Health Project (AHP) was a spin off from the Achievement Project, working closely with the NHS to focus on health related training, volunteering and employment opportunities. Over the 2 years that the project ran, we enrolled 18 people from across the county on a training and volunteering programme, with 140 qualifications gained and just under 900 hours of volunteering completed at citywide sport and health sessions. From this, 13 out of the 18 went onto employment within the sport / fitness / health sector.
  • b-active women project – the b-active women project was a citywide initiative that supported women who were the primary carer for a child under the age of 16 or from a deprived ward within the city, into sport and physical activity. It did this by working with women to identify the barriers that they currently faced when thinking about taking part in sport / activity; and then delivering a range of activities that helped to tackle these barriers that they faced. Over the 4 years that the project ran, we engaged with over 8,000 women, who attended project activities over 86,500 times!
  • Braunstone Sports Festival – starting in 2008, the Braunstone Sports Festival ran alongside the already successful Braunstone Community Carnival on Braunstone Park (later Fullhurst Community College), offering the attendees of the event the opportunity to try a range of sporting activities and find out about all of the fantastic services and activities that were available locally. During its peak, the festival attracted between 3,000-4,000 people and delivered over 25 activities, ranging from a mobile climbing wall and baseball batting cage, to interactive dance and fitness activities and inflatables; we even had a mobile ice skating rink one year!!

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