On the 4th July a UK General Election is due to take place. Here are some top tips for voting in the General Election. 
• Find out where your Polling Station is beforehand. This should be written on your Poll Card. If you are unsure contact your Local Electoral Office. Polling stations will be open from 7am -10pm on election day. 
• Don’t worry if you have lost/ never received a Poll Card, you can still vote without one. 
• Remember to bring your Photo ID, examples include passport, driving license or older persons’ bus pass. A full list of accepted forms of photo ID can be found on the GOV.UK website. 
• Make your Electoral Office aware if you have any accessibility needs, all Polling Stations are required to provide large print display versions of ballot papers upon request. 
• If you are not yet registered to vote, get registered now. You will not be able to vote tomorrow but will be prepared for future elections. You can sign up to vote in person, via post, or by proxy (someone else who is a registered voter can vote on your behalf). 
Visit www.gov.uk/vote-uk-election for more information. 
Your vote matters! 
Article written by Emma Powdrill, Volunteer Journalist 
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