Business Box

the Business Box is located in the Braunstone Business Zone (Oswin Road), and is a “managed office-space” facility with meeting rooms, Virtual Tenancy packages and a range of customer support services. The facility is operated under the activities of b inspired Trading Company Ltd. In 2017/18, it continued the trend of high occupancy, reaching 100% at various points and an upward trend in turnover.

Business Box +

this is made up of Units 3 & 4 Forest Business Park based in the Braunstone Business Zone (Oswin Road). The Business Box + facilities are seen as “grow-on” office-spaces to the Business Box. These facilities also operates under the activities of the b inspired Trading Company Limited.

Braunstone Park Lodge

a former Park Keepers Lodge sighted on the edge of Braunstone Park (Hinckley Road) – brought back from dereliction by us in 2008. It is used for office space, previously housing our sport and physical activity team and Chief Officer. It now houses an external organisation.

Gallards Hill

the building at Gallards Hill, an office base with a training room, was re-designated during 2017 as the new home of the Sports and Physical Activities Team and Chief Officer’s office.

Neighbourhood Support Base

the Neighbourhood Support Base is located in the heart of the Braunstone estate at 45 Wellinger Way. It is a shop-front building, and following redevelopment and extension work in 2010, it provides a home to some of the services delivered by the Foundation. In particular, it hosts the Neighbourhood Support Team which supports local residents and community groups and acts as a hub for our Foodbank and local volunteers.

14-20 Winforde Crescent

these are 2 x bedroom and 2 x 3 bedroom properties, rented out as social housing through an agreement with PA Housing Group.

Braunstone Health & Social Care Centre

an award winning purpose built facility rented on long lease by NHS Leicester City and Leicester City Council Social Care (Adults), providing Primary Care services with a large GP Practice, Pharmacy, Café, Office accommodation and facilities for over 20 different clinics.

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